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Texas Has a New Red Hat - ApprenticeCarpenter

Started by desert_diver, April 19, 2023, 10:52:27 PM

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Congratulations to Colin (ApprenticeCarpenter) who earned his Red Hat at the Appleseed event held at the Amarillo Rifle & Pistol Club!

Colin did an excellent job with all the points of instruction.


07/21: Rifleman
12/21: KD Rifleman, Distinguished, Morgan's Shingle
01/22: Pistoleer™

Turbo Pin, Complete Combatant Black Belt Patches, 3.45 card, MSP 3/4 patch, Tier 1 Three Sevens patch

Come get more instruction with me!
My next class is: Sage Dynamics in March in Muenster, TX


CONGRATULATIONS!!!Excellent news! Building up the panhandle an Instructor at a time  :F
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Thank you for joining the ranks as a full instructor! Congratulations
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Rifleman   06/20
Rifle KD     12/20
Pistoleer™    07/21
Rimfire KD 01/22
Morgans Shingle 05/22


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GenX Minuteman

Colin did an excellent job in Amarillo with all of the Points of Instruction and did not waiver in his ability to convey a clear message.  Way to go Colin!!!  We are extremely fortunate to have individual such as yourself in the program!  Congratulations sir!!!!

Chad Stovell - GenX Minuteman



The man wasted no time in turning around and coming up to North Texas to help with the Gainesville KD.  Thank you again buddy, you were a big help.
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