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Farewell and "Thank You" to Redhead

Started by P7, January 02, 2023, 07:01:48 PM

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Oregon Appleseeders:

Redhead has given us notice that he is retiring from Appleseed in order to spend time on his other interests, including a very aggressive (and impressive) list of shooting disciplines that he competes in.  Please join me in wishing him well, and in thanking him for his efforts as a Project Appleseed volunteer.

I approached him a couple of years ago when he was still an Orange Hat, and was just about the only active instructor I knew in Oregon.  He very generously agreed to take on the State Coordinator role, even while he was still working to progress to a full Red Hat instructor.

I had the privilege to be shoot boss at one of his events, and was impressed with his attitude and dedication.  He did make full instructor later, and I'm sure his subsequent events were memorable for those who attended them.

We will miss him, and wish him well in his future competitions.  I continue to hope he'll still find the time to come to an Appleseed event from time to time!

In the interim, while we work on finding a new State Coordinator for Oregon, please direct any questions or inquiries regarding events in Oregon to me.
Bradley "Brad" Foster (P7)


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