Author Topic: Palm Bay FL, Jun 11-12, 2022 AAR  (Read 135 times)

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Palm Bay FL, Jun 11-12, 2022 AAR
« on: June 13, 2022, 03:58:16 PM »
Another awesome event is in the books! The weather was only a minor issue Saturday as we worked around a storm front with 25 MPH winds and heavy rain. Temps were high all weekend as expected (it's Summer in Florida y'all), but breezes kept it bearable. Whatever downside the weather presented was overcome by the enthusiasm of the students and the hard work of the instructors.

After a lengthy drill to make sure everyone's rifle was fitted properly, the three essential elements of precision rifle marksmanship were presented. After demonstrating understanding of the six steps of firing the shot, steady hold factors of a solid prone position, and natural point of aim, the first sighter square of the day was shot just before lunch. After that, the groups shrunk rapidly. 

After learning the fine points of shot group analysis and Inches Minutes and Clicks, zeroing the rifles was a routine task. Small groups obtained, the Green Coat Target went up and learning the remaining positions was addressed.

Late in the afternoon Saturday the much-anticipated Appleseed Qualification Target (AQT) was posted and shot. While no Rifleman scores were recorded the group was well regulated.

Sunday morning the first target of the day was the third attempt of the Hits Count (Red Coat) target. This time it was addressed as a cold bore shot on the Shingle followed by three shots on each of the silhouettes from smallest to large. Scores were dramatically higher than Saturday with more than half hitting the shingle and three clearing the target! (Joy, Dru & Jenn). HUZZAH! At the final Red Coat Sunday afternoon, David was added to the list of those clearing the target.

Sunday a total of five AQTs were shot. Everyone scored Marksman or higher. Four Sharpshooters and four Riflemen were recorded. Congrats to Jenn, Donnie, and Joy for requalifying and to Lou for scoring a 221 to earn the designation "Rifleman."

The high point of the weekend was Sunday afternoon when MyNameIsEarl completed all the requirements for Redhat. We immediately stopped the COF to christen his red hat with North Bridge water. After receiving the hat, he called the line as we shot ten rounds each to retire his no-longer-needed orange hat. Congratulations Earl! It's an honor to have worked alongside you on the road to Instructor.

We also saw EpicQuilter complete her promotion to IIT3 and welcome Donnie and Joy to the ranks of Instructor in Training. Thanks for stepping up to the challenge. HUZZAH!

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Re: Palm Bay FL, Jun 11-12, 2022 AAR
« Reply #1 on: June 14, 2022, 12:51:51 AM »
I had a great, informative weekend thanks to the excellent instructors and safety officers.

A few pix for the scrap book!

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Re: Palm Bay FL, Jun 11-12, 2022 AAR
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Re: Palm Bay FL, Jun 11-12, 2022 AAR
« Reply #3 on: June 22, 2022, 09:34:59 PM »
I know I am late... Leaving the weekend was a high note.. 4 Riflemen, an IIT3, 2 new Orange Hats, and a Red Hat in a promotion...

Lots of great info. I see more and more improvement by our shooters as well as the instructors. I am honored to be part of the cadres that get the absolute pleasure of helping more and more students. The students are the greatest reward when we see the smiles on their faces and the groups that are coming together.

This weekend was warm, and the students were awesome! Girls vs Boys is always a fun challenge. I will say having couples split up seemed to be a great advantage. I am so glad I was able to be part of the history as Guntuky (SP) is a favorite story teller... He has inspired me to tell better more engaging stories.  TheMenance is a great shoot boss and I am proud to have him as a mentor along my Red Hat journey.

I'm looking forward to the next shoot and seeing more rifleman patches be awarded.