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Super Trooper Memorial Tab


Please, if you haven't, read the In Memoriam post at this link:

In remembrance of our friend and fellow Appleseeder

Super Trooper

The Michigan Instructor Cadre has created a memorial tab.

We unveiled it at our recent IBC, with the intent to use it to collect funds to help support his son, Tyler.

At that IBC we collected over $1400 to help Tyler.

And even though everyone there received one, and after reserving additional for other Michigan instructors, we have approximately 50 left.

We're asking for a minimum donation of $20 to receive a memorial tab

We ask that if you wish to remember Super Trooper and support Tyler as well, follow these simple steps.

Reply to this post, as tabs will be reserved in order of replies.
In the reply, include the intended method of donation, check or venmo.

For venmo, use ITB's account  @Bill-Glaser-ITB, include in the comment your forum name, and in the post or via PM, type in your address.

For checks, PM me I will reply with my postal address. 
Checks should be made out to Lapeer County Sportsmens Club, Super Troopers home range, who is handling the consolidation and distribution through their annual scholarship program.

If you are concerned, I am also the treasurer for the club and will be collecting, totalling, then writing the single check to the Reber family.
When mailing include a Self-Addressed, Stamped Envelope, this will make the return trip faster.
Include as well your Appleseed Forum name somewhere on/in the envelope.

As I get informed from ITB, or receive mail, I will edit posts with updates, as to when tabs are mailed.

I'm in. I'll Venmo ITB.  Thanks for doing this.  John

One, please.
I think that I still have your address.

ETA by number6, ck received, tab on the way...

I will assume that you will also accept cash at the next meeting, that would be the most convenient for me.  And, it won't cost postage either.

ETA by number6, yes, I did reserve as part of the MI Cadre group, the LCSC Smallbore group


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