Author Topic: San Antonio Area Appleseed is getting a new Orange Hat and Two Blue Hats!!!  (Read 67 times)

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Hey Texas Crew,

Please help me welcome Peter (forum name = Malibu) as our newest Orange Hat in the San Antonio area.  He first attended an Appleseed event in 2011 and made Rifleman under the masterful eye of Scout!  He since continued to attend events with his kids, from when they were barely able to hold the rifle until now, when his oldest son Bram was able to make his Rifleman patch recently!  Peter is a great example of how our message can be passed on to the next generation!  As such, his son Bram (forum name = Abraham Plinking) and his daughter Greta (forum name = Bean) have also answered the call to help out Project Appleseed!  They both have accepted positions as Blue Hats and are eager to help make more Rifleman!  Thank you greatly to Peter, Bram and Greta!!!

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This is fantastic! They will be a great help, and they are great patriots to boot! HUZZAH!
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Now that is great family commitment!!  Congratulations!  :bow: :bow:
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