Author Topic: Alabama Instructor Boot Camp (February 5-6, 2022)  (Read 167 times)

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Alabama Instructor Boot Camp (February 5-6, 2022)
« on: January 17, 2022, 05:59:55 PM »
Appleseed Family,
I want to make you aware of an upcoming Instructor Boot Camp in Huntsville, AL on February 5-6, at the premiere indoor range, Bullet and Barrel. It is FREE to the Appleseed volunteer cadre, of course, and is designed to enable all of us to help work Appleseed events with even greater simplicity and precision.  Those who have not worked an event for a while may find it a fine refresher and for those who are seasoned instructors, it may be useful to review a bit.

While this event is scheduled for Alabama, border raiders are welcome to join us! 

Who can come?  It's for Instructors-in-Training, Instructors, Applecore, Shoot Bosses, and even crusty old Senior Instructors!  If you're thinking about becoming an instructor and want to know what it's all about - come on out.  :)

Stuff you need to know:
1.  The purpose of the IBC is to help our instructors grow and become better teachers, away from the pressure of being in front of students.  If you are an instructor, instructor in training, or interested in being a Project Appleseed Instructor - Sign up!
2.  The IBC is free to attend.  No cost. Sign up!
3.  Lodging.  There are a couple of hotels close by; see the event information page. 
4.  Don't let the name "Boot Camp" intimidate you.  This is a gentleman's course.  No push-ups, no hazing, no yelling.   Most of our IBC exercises will be in small groups.
5.  Attendance at this event will qualify you for your BOOT CAMP rocker.  Sign up!
6.  If you've not attended an IBC in the last 12 months, please sign up as a student.  Sign up!

7.  While we won't have a traditional breakfast at Waffle House, we will eat at a local restaurant, City Cafe Diner!

8.  This venue has to be seen to be believed ... upscale indoor range with 5 star NSSF rating.  Check them out B&B

9.  An IBC will jump start your teaching skills and may qualify you for accelerated promotions!

Please pass this along to anyone you think may be interested.  The IBC is the method we use to insure everyone is on the same page when we teach using the Appleseed way: SIMPLICITY and PRECISION.  Please join us and invite others. You are part of an elite group - the best rifle instructors in the country.  Come help us all improve as we spread the message of Liberty.
This is going to be a great event! Hope to see all of you there... so Sign up!  ^:)^

in Liberty,

(Yes, I shamelessly stole the format from MO. It's hard to improve on this.  ;D)
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Re: Alabama Instructor Boot Camp (February 5-6, 2021)
« Reply #1 on: January 18, 2022, 11:25:00 PM »
Did you mean Feb 5-6 2022?

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Re: Alabama Instructor Boot Camp (February 5-6, 2021)
« Reply #2 on: January 19, 2022, 09:26:14 AM »
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Re: Alabama Instructor Boot Camp (February 5-6, 2021)
« Reply #3 on: January 19, 2022, 12:26:15 PM »
Did you mean Feb 5-6 2022?

You never know...
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