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We've lost one of our own - Super Trooper - update in OP - it's worse

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It is with great sadness that I have to inform everyone that Terrell Reber, aka Super Trooper, passed away on November 30th, 2021.  He was one of our Shoot Bosses, and had been an instructor since 2017.  He will be greatly missed.

Terrell was 43 years old, and is survived by his wife, Tracie, and teenage son Tyler.

Terrell took the Orange hat in May of 2017, earned his Red Hat in early 2018, and earned his Green Hat in 2019.  He instructed a total of 30 shoots over his Appleseed career.

Terrell was an avid shooter, and an accomplished pistol shooter and instructor. 

Terrell was a huge fan of Star Wars, and actually had a business manufacturing Storm Trooper costumes.  He would travel the country attending SciFi conventions to show off his products.

Here is Terrell, on the right, receiving his Distinguished patch from yours truly, for shooting a 240.  I told him he need to try harder if he was going to get that 250 patch.

Rest in Peace, my friend.  Have a beer at the Buckman Tavern with Paul and Sam, and keep a bar stool warm for me.

UPDATE, 12/17:

Unfortunately, I have to share more terrible news....I just can't wrap my brain around this...

Terrell's wife, Tracie, passed away on 12/15. 

We will be getting more information in the next few days.  Please say a prayer for their son, Tyler, age 16, who has now lost both his parents in the span of two weeks.  We will be posting information shortly where/how to make dontations for Tyler's continuing education.

Tracie Reber obituary

I'm shocked... Terrell was 'SuperTrooper'... Healthy.

We lost a good good man. 

Maybe I can gather my thoughts later.


That's one hell of a loss; he will be missed.

Not much else I can say that isn't a platitude.

He will be missed by all those he taught and told the history to.

His story of James Armistead Lafayette will not be forgotten by any who heard it.


Maximum Ordinate:
It's always terrible to lose a brother in Liberty, but Terrell was so young.   :(

Prayers for the family he left behind. 


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