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Pocket Watch:
Just googled and saw this news story out of Midland Texas. I thought it painted us in a decent light. Maybe a Flint station would be willing to come out to Lapeer or Fenton at some point. Does anyone have any connections with anyone at these stations?

I was involved in that one and overall I think they did a good job. Being a slow news weekend we were the lead story on the Sunday 6:00 pm broadcast.

We're fortunate to know the local news anchor and my wife bumped into him in the grocery story. They're having a typical "waiting in line" conversation and she mentioned Appleseed. He passed it along to the team that does that kind of story...the key point being that most stations have a reporter or two looking for community events they can do stories about.

Even if you don't have any connections you might try to figure out who those reporters are and how to get this in front of them. Maybe watch the news for that type of story and see if the same reporter does a lot of them (weekends are best for catching those kind of stories). If nothing else I know many stations have a place on their website where viewers can submit story ideas.


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