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We're having a NORTHEAST REGIONAL IBC  held on March 19 & 20, 2022

at the Northwest Connecticut Sportsman's Association - Colebrook, CT
located at 177 Winsted Norfolk Road
Colebrook, CT 06098

Anyone who wears any color PROJECT APPLESEED hat is invited to attend.
Anyone who might be interested in wearing one of those coveted PROJECT APPLESEED hats is welcome to attend.

 This is your single, best opportunity to meet a large portion of the Northeast cadre and talk, share stories, and learn from them.
                                                      Border Raiders are welcome!                                                            
To Register, CLICK HERE:


   Saturday - 8 AM until.......? (if you're arriving Saturday morning, please plan to arrive no later than 7:30 AM) POI and safety breakouts all day.

    Sunday - 8 AM to 5 PM
                          - History/strikes, rifle familiarization, LibertySeeds, troubleshooting, KD

  Still in the planning stages. Will update as information becomes available.

 Information about our IBC, Lodging and Range Information can be obtained Here:

What is an IBC?
  An IBC is an intense, drinking-from-the-firehose, weekend of interactive classwork (indoors, all weekend), where all instructors will get plenty of hands-on instruction and mentoring, while building friendships and camaraderie.   You shouldn't have any fear/trepidation about attending.  Bring the skills you have, and be ready to learn.  You WILL learn a lot, and have fun.  Even (ESPECIALLY!) if it’s been awhile since you’ve volunteered at an event.
  We’ve got Master Instructor Maximum Ordinate coming in all the way from Alabama to Shoot Boss this IBC. 
 We’re going to be doing a ton of hands-on learning during breakout sessions.   

Blue Hats - get to know the instructor corps, see what goes on "behind the scenes”, learn how to help run a safe event, learn/practice the points of instruction and history in case you might want to change your hat color in the future.  We want you doing POIs, breakouts, troubleshooting - everything!

Orange Hats - this is a great way to get a leg up for 2022. You'll have ample opportunities to practice and polish your points of instruction, safety, and history skills.

Red Hats - we need you!  Our ideal ratio is 1 Red Hat for every 2 Orange Hats.  Plus, this event will help to shake out the winter cobwebs that may have grown on your perishable skills.

Shoot Bosses - You already know everything, right?   Great!  ALL Shoot Bosses should be at this event.  This may be the only time we have such a large gathering of our cadre, and it's a great opportunity to make friends, build our team and relationships, and mentor.

Some logistical details:

We will be in the meeting room.  It seats 20 (or more) people, so we'll have plenty of room.

Important Bunkhouse Announcement!

...There is no bunkhouse at the club.

-There will be no shooting, but there will be rifle familiarization - AR15, M1 Garand, M1A, AK, 10/22, etc. (CT State Laws will be observed so an adjustment to this list may be necessary).

What should you bring?  Well, in addition to your personal items for spending an overnight, please bring:
•   A teachable attitude.
•   any teaching materials you normally bring to an AS
•   The instructor manual
•   A notebook or pad of paper and pens/pencils
•   A dummy rifle, if you have one
•   your copy of Paul Revere's Ride

An excellent way to prepare for this IBC is to Read and view the videos on the “APPLESEED ACADEMY”. Here’s the link:

Our mission is serious: the urgency of saving the country, and everyone's safety at our events.  That being said, if you're not having fun doing this, YOU'RE DOING IT WRONG!

We'll see you all in March!

Please check in here occasionally for updates. 

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