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Dorr, MI AAR - October 23-24, 2021
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We had 9 motivated members of the Heritage Girls and 2 leaders show up bright and early Saturday morning ready to work on their Marksmanship skills. These ladies knew what they were about and put the work in! It was unfortunate that we had two of the girls not join us last minute due to Covid. We had another shooter who had to cancel for other reasons. The weather forecast was opposite of what happened. We thought Saturday would be cold and dry but the ladies stuck it out in cold rainy weather! Sunday it was even colder but we were fortunate the rain held out until after the final red coat!
The day opened with the normal welcome, safety briefing and First Strike. Rifles were brought to the line and the morning Red Coat was shot.  The day started out with 5 of the 11 shooters being able to get all shots into one of the red coat targets. By the end of the day all the shooters saw major improvement in their groupings and the last red coat ended with all 9 of the shooters getting the shots into at least one of the targets! (Three shooters had to leave early.)
The morning consisted of instruction in rifle familiarization, eye dominance drill, sling use, 6 Steps to firing the shot, NPOA and Prone Position. The Ladies were awesome at dry firing every chance they got and this could be seen in the improvements of their groupings.
We broke for lunch and the Second Strike. Afternoon covered Talking targets, IMC, carding the sights, rifleman's Cadence and a magazine change drill and third strike. At the end of the day the Ladies talked about how they were involved in their communities and how they could be more involved and 7th Stepping.
Sunday started after church at 10:30AM and the Ladies were there and energetic to begin. We missed Shamirah, Josie and Payton. The morning history was Mother Bathrick and David Lameson. Then prone position was reviewed, IMC.Talking targets, talking targets, NPOA review, Safety Rules and Line Commands.
The red coat was a challenge on who could get the most shots into the targets and was a tie at 11 shots. The tie was between a Mother and Daughter, they even tied on ALL the tie breakers. Great job Melissa and Lenora! If there was a rifle synchronization team, they would rock it! Those Ladies know what they are about!
Lunch was Betty Zane history, the history of the Brown Bess and how it worked and KD. After lunch the seated exercises were completed. Then Standing was reviewed and the first AQTs was shot. History of Nancy Hart was told. Everyone was given the option to shoot a M1 Garand and Scar, the girls really showed what they were about! It was fun to count down the shots to the ‘ping' of the M1 Garand! Second AQT was shot and everyone saw improvements! The weather held out for us and started raining right after the final red coat target!
At the end of the day the Ladies were quizzed on the histories they had heard that weekend earning bags of candy as an award. They earned the Young Patriots Patch for their work this weekend! We learned about the first instructor to pass Madam Yotnottin and her letters were handed out to the students.
Everyone helped to quickly break down the line, pack up the canopies, load all the shoot materials and "get out of Dodge" in the rain! Thank you so much!
Ladies you showed that you knew what you are about this weekend. Two of the ladies brought their own rifles. Paige rocked a tube fed rifle and did a great job with adjusting the sites. Cadence had amazing groups with a single shot rifle scoring 125 on the AQT! Shamirah was up for the challenge of tech sights on Saturday and was doing great with that, she then rocked a scope rifle on Sunday! Alyssa was a right-handed shooter rocking shooting left handed to match her eye dominance. Hayden and Rachel were just rocking it!  Every single Lady improved and showed what they were about this weekend! I look forward to seeing all you again! Thank you for a wonderful weekend!
Our thanks to the South Kent Sportmen's Club and Kevin for hosting our event and my thanks to OpenSites, 3.Dogs, Maximum Ordinate, Bill Winkle, Rascal21, SteelThunder, and Oz for helping with this shoot.  It was a pleasure to see  every one of you.
A big thank you for the loaner rifles, mats, donation of ammo and prizes for the Ladies.


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