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Midland, TX - Oct. 16-17, 2021 AAR
« on: October 18, 2021, 04:18:15 PM »
What a great weekend in Midland, TX – the first Appleseed shoot in this region in over 5 years. We had an good mixture of minutemen, regular militia, and alarm listers – 16 shooters ranging in age from 14 to “I’m not gonna ask”. Seven top-notch instructors, including some that drove as much as 300 miles to be here. Our shoot boss fought off the fatigue that goes with a difficult night, truly rose to the occasion, and started the day with the First Strike. From there we moved to the range, and after warming up with a Hits Count Target jumped into instruction.

This was an outstanding group of students. Attentive, eager to learn, and sociable; with experience levels varying from new to seasoned shooters. Teaching and coaching a group like this is a true pleasure. Just a few of the high points:
  • Two first-time Appleseeders earning Rifleman patches, one with a bolt action rifle!
  • A riflewoman doggedly persisting through multiple events, determined to go home with that patch, and succeeding!
  • That riflewoman’s husband, already a rifleman and just as determined to keep learning and growing, earning a Distinguished patch with iron sights (using a borrowed rifle).
  • An orange hat coming back off a long lay-off, requalifying and earning a Distinguished patch in between doing a great job coaching and instructing,
  • Two new orange hats!
  • And to really top it off, Project Appleseed in Midland was the lead story on the CBS7 news Sunday night! See the story here:

The marksmanship related high points are what makes coaching and teaching a pleasure, but the real joy for the instructors was the look in these student eyes as we told the stories that make Appleseed such a special program.

Midland is back!

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Re: Midland, TX - Oct. 16 - 17 AAR
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2021, 05:58:00 PM »
Yup - it was nice to be back in Midland after all these years. And thanks to you.

And an excellent job you did to boot.
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Re: Midland, TX - Oct. 16-17, 2021 AAR
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...and more photos!

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Re: Midland, TX - Oct. 16-17, 2021 AAR
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