Author Topic: AAR: JCSA Appleseed Pistol Clinic instructor class, Port Townsend WA Oct 9/10  (Read 78 times)

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We had 9 total volunteer instructors with Project Appleseed rifle clinics join us at the JCSA range in Port Townsend WA for the first Appleseed Pistol Clinic event of WA!  The goal of this instructor clinic was to familiarize our rifle instructors with the new Appleseed Pistol Clinic course of instruction and bring everyone up to speed to enable us to bring our first public Appleseed Pistol Clinic event to be scheduled for 2022!

We finished the weekend with 3 instructors qualifying for their Pistoleer patch and many more instructors really really close.  I have no doubt that with additional practice, we will have many more instructors achieve their Pistoleer patch!  Congratulations to JayB, CTorg, and CaptainRebop on your multiple Pistoleer scores this weekend!

Another tool in our instructor tool bag to help spread the message of Liberty!  Huzzah! Huzzah! Huzzah!
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Really fun weekend.
Thanks to GTEngineer for stepping up and running this.
I think this can be a big step for Appleseed and, once the bugs are worked out in the manual and CoI, would attract a significant number of people.

A plus for instructors, as Hubble pointed out, is that no getting on the ground so your pants don't get dirty!  O0

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I'm glad to hear it went well!  This was a big weekend in Washington and Oregon, with full engagement, lots of instructors either working events or improving their qualifications.

Thanks to everyone for spending the time to do this, and to GTEngineer for running it.  Congratulations to the new Pistoleers - I am still working on that qualification (a 206 and a 209, but no 210 so far!).

I look forward to seeing pistol clinics on the schedule for next year.
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