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McMinnville, TN September 25 AAR
« on: September 26, 2021, 10:20:11 AM »

A perfect Tennesee day greeted the shooters at Mountain Top Range. After history lessons and a safety brief, 16 shooters took to the line to take on the hits count target. Following the fire hose of instruction, the groups steadily decreased.

Congratulations to our two requalifying riflemen: Clay with a 228 followed by a 218, and Johnathan with 218 and 223. Keep up the work towards distinguished.

The Dxxxxx family came to our April 17 shoot and put in the time practicing what they learned at their first event. This day Dad shot a 211, Big Brother shot a 219, and Little Brother shot 219 and 226. As we say, perfect practice makes perfect. The sisters showed great improvement, and I am confident will qualify at their next event.

Hats off to our first-time Appleseeder, Stephen, for shooting 224 and 226. I have an Orange hat with your name on it!

Chris, Jeremy and Francisco, all showed awesome improvement, and I look forward to seeing you again at your next event.

Many thanks to the instructors that helped make this event a sucess.

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Re: McMinnville, TN September 25 AAR
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Here are a few pictures I took. Feel free to share/save any you want.

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