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Parma, September 18-19, AAR
« on: September 20, 2021, 05:10:44 PM »
Well I set my Goal earlier this year after the June Appleseed and accomplished it this last weekend. Rifleman, huzzaahhh! Was a great shoot I think we had 4 or 5 get Rifleman and the one young lady shot a 249. Weather got nasty on us Saturday with heavy winds blowing dust into everything, otherwise it was real nice. Only managed a 221 but that was good enough to get my patch so I was happy. Now I gotta get some more people to go and I may need to do a KD event next, but for now I am happy. Always good to put in the work and practice and then accomplish a goal. Hopefully American Amazon will post some of the pictures she took, hint hint.

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Re: Parma, September 18-19, AAR
« Reply #1 on: September 20, 2021, 08:12:35 PM »
What a wild weekend at the range!   A strong cold front was forecast for the Pacific NW.  It was predicted to roll into Idaho between 4-8pm, but it arrived ahead of time.   I was tracking the front on my weather app, and it roared onto the range with 20-30 mph winds at approximately 2:45pm.   It was all the shooters could do to finish the last instructional standing stage and then pack up quickly and exit the range.   The Parma range has very sandy/silty soil and this grit was blowing into and onto everything.

This did put us slightly behind on Sunday, but the instructors were able to keep the program on track and allowed for a good number of AQTs to be shot on Sunday.   On the first AQT, three students earned their rifleman patch.   By the end of the day, one more student joined them and two others were shooting consistently in the 190's.   Congratulation to Matigan, MacKenzie, Bryce and Darrell.   Matigan was already a 4H junior champion, but the AS style of shooting was new to her.   She was able to score an impressive 249 points to earn her distinguished patch at her first AS event.   She shot this score with a customized Ruger 10/22, not her competition Anschutz rifle.

The other shooters all showed progress throughout the weekend, except Lynn.   The instructors were working with him on zeroing his rifle, but the point of impact kept shifting.   We were all a little puzzled until the objective lens fell off the red dot sight.   This was the problem  :slap:.   He switched to an iron sight rifle and then was finally able to make some progress in his marksmanship skills.

Remember to dry fire practice on the comfort of your living room floor.  This is the best way and cheapest way, to perfect your marksmanship skills.   Also remember that persistence is a characteristic of a Rifleman.   I expect to see everyone at another event soon.
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Re: Parma, September 18-19, AAR
« Reply #2 on: September 22, 2021, 02:46:09 PM »
We'll get some pics up in a bit, but a few additions:

Matigan's 10/22 has a custom stock, but it's still a factory trigger, which makes the 249 even more impressive.  I'll see if we can get that improved and maybe she'll come back and finish off that last point!  She is a four time 4-H state small bore champion, but as Griff said, this style of shooting was not her thing at the start of the weekend.  It might be now!

Lynn's optic was actually an old (probably 50s - 60s) rimfire scope that did not have click adjustable turrets.  That made things difficult right there, but the reason that zeroing was impossible was shown on Sunday morning when the objective lens fell off.   :slap:  Once we pulled off the dead optic and he went back to the old style rear ramp open sights on his 'tuber', things began to improve. 

After Saturday's blow out, Sunday's weather was actually great shooting weather - 60s and 70s with a mostly moderate breeze.  We got through 5 AQTs and a bunch of drills thanks to everyone's attention and persistence.  Best wishes to Barry trying for KD rifleman next weekend!

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Re: Parma, September 18-19, AAR
« Reply #3 on: September 23, 2021, 10:53:06 PM »
Congratulations to the shooters who shot rifleman.  Thank you to all the participants for coming out and braving the weather, then coming back for more Sunday.  There had to be some improvising, but everybody adapted and overcame.

Matigan and MacKenzie showed that practicing proper fundamentals translates well to different shooting styles.  They typically shoot single shot rifles slow fire, but handled Appleseed's faster pace extremely well.  Their performance really gives meaning to the expression "Shoot like a girl, if you can."   Huzzah!

Bryce ran a scoped Savage bolt rifle very well, scoring an impressive 237, then switched out for an iron sighted semiauto for another rifleman score.  Huzzah!

Mad Poet put it together to get his Rifleman.  Once the pressure is off for that first one, it gets easier.  Huzzah

I hope everyone got something useful from the instruction and history.

Finally, what everyone actually looks at my postings for: Pictures