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8/18/2021 7pm KDish Class: Marksmanship for the Westbound Hunter


SKSC in Dorr, MI is hosting the below class, if anyone is interested:

Signup here:

Marksmanship for the Westbound Hunter Presented by the GVSU Rifle Club Event registration
Wednesday, August 18th, 7 pm - 8 pm
South Kent Sportsman's Club - 2536 140th Ave, Dorr, MI 49323
Contact us with questions at or 616-889-8201

** A donation of $10 per person to GVSU Rifle Club is recommended but not required**

This class is for anyone wanting to improve their hunting success, especially under Western rifle hunting conditions.  Join GVSU Assistant Rifle Club Coach Gerry Cooke as he shares the secrets used by experienced guides, hunters, and even Olympians to be better marksmen.  Learn to judge range, wind, angles, harvest cleanly, overcome "buck fever," become mentally and physically ready to make your shot. In addition, discover the latest equipment, ammunition, and historical skills that still work. 

Cooke will share his successes and failures over his 30 years of hunting, competitive shooting, and coaching.  Why hunting inspired him to start a rifle club, what he packs on every hunt, and what he wished he would have known for his first hunt out West.

*Added for 2021 - how to practice during the ammo shortage and without range time.

Sounds great! Makes me wish I were a hunter. If only  there was a way these special classes could be videoed and posted for AS members.


I don't know if he will let us video him. I can ask.


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