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Need instructors for Jonesboro and Shelby, IN September 25-26, 2021


Michigan, Ohio, Kentucky, Indiana and Illinois cadre

We have 2 events in northern Indiana on the weekend of September 25-26 that are in need of Shoot Bosses and Instructors.  These locations are typically staffed by instructors from Michigan (often with help from Ohio) but our typical SBs are not available due to work travel. 

* Shelby - great range in northwest Indiana (near Valparaiso) at an Isaac Walton facility.  The LBOTG will build the target line and tear it down for you.  They usually fill the line.  Currently has 2 signed up to instruct...needs a SB and maybe 1-2 more instructors.  Camping in club house is available.
* Jonesboro - another great range near Marion IN in north central part of the state.  LBOTG will help set up/tear down and they often fill the line.  We need a SB and instructors.  Camping in club house is available.

Please look at your schedule and sign up if possible.

I have been to both ranges in the last year. They are great ranges. Would be helping out if I didn't already have a commitment.

Thank you in advance to all that may volunteer their time and talents in Shelby.  There will be a full range of 20 students, and likely a few arriving Saturday morning hoping to find room for 'one more' on the range. 

My husband, Ray, is the host for this Izaak Walton range and will be happy to answer any questions about the facilities.  The clubhouse and grounds are available for Appleseed staff to stay the weekend.  The building has at your disposal a full kitchen, shower, bathrooms, pool table, and plenty of space for indoor 'camping'.  Trailers can also be parked on the grounds.  Please let us know what we may do to make your stay more comfortable. 

You are welcome to text me or call: 219-226-3400 -  Beth/Dagny


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