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Welcome Bogie!
« on: July 14, 2021, 11:32:34 PM »
Cadre, please welcome our newest volunteer and Instructor In Training - bogie
I'm super happy to have Kyle on board... he's a great guy!

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Re: Welcome Bogie!
« Reply #1 on: July 14, 2021, 11:49:15 PM »
I was wondering who the IIT0 signed up for Lapeer was! Welcome! I look forward to meeting you on the AS road! (I won't be at Lapeer but you have a great set of instructors so enjoy!) Make sure to make it to a IBC, they are awsome!
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Re: Welcome Bogie!
« Reply #2 on: July 14, 2021, 11:57:43 PM »
Hey everyone! Thanks for the warm welcome! Looking forward to starting the journey, and meeting/working the line with you all.

Couldn’t be more honored by the invite!
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Re: Welcome Bogie!
« Reply #3 on: July 15, 2021, 12:06:25 AM »
Kyle,  thank you for stepping up.  We need more folks bailing!
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Re: Welcome Bogie!
« Reply #4 on: July 15, 2021, 01:23:09 AM »

Looking forward to working the line with you.
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Re: Welcome Bogie!
« Reply #5 on: July 15, 2021, 09:27:51 AM »
Huzzah! and Welcome!
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Re: Welcome Bogie!
« Reply #6 on: July 15, 2021, 09:36:48 AM »
Hey Bogie, welcome to the club and thanks for joining in to help!
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Re: Welcome Bogie!
« Reply #7 on: July 17, 2021, 06:47:18 PM »
Thanks for stepping up to help! Many hands make light work.
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