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Promoting Appleseed
« on: July 01, 2021, 12:27:31 PM »
Sgt-at-Arms here!

Hey folks, if any of you are members of the American Legion, you know District Meetings and the Department Commander's Tour are this coming Month. You need to be there if you're in a member of both organizations! If you're not a member of the Legion, then Appleseed still needs representation at these meetings!

Here's the scoop! There's American Legion District Meetings in TN set up all this coming month, I'm trying to organize a currently unestablished network for Shooting Sports in Tennessee. I'm the CMP Tennessee State Director and the Department of Tennessee Junior Shooting Sports Chairman for the American Legion. I've got meetings arranged in Cleveland next Wednesday July 7th, Bristol Thursday July 8th, and Knoxville Saturday July 10th. More to follow, but these are the most pressing. If we've got any volunteers that could make those meetings I'd appreciate if you could give me a  holler, my phone number 731 441 5684, and texting is completely acceptable lol.

I've got a 4 step workshop for our Legionnaires that come for Shooting Sports to the meeting. Step 1) Identify committed Volunteers 2) Start a Jr Shooting Sports Club/ Join an already established club like 4H or BSA Scouting 3) Attend some State Certified or nationally recognized instruction to become a certified Instructor (4-H, NRA, CMP), Step 4 for those who want to really learn how to shoot (and gain some understanding of our American Heritage) get thee to an Appleseed, Project Appleseed.

If there's no one available in those respected areas, if there's anyone willing to travel and ruff it along with me out on the Trail ( I'll be camping along the Appalachians to keep cost down), please give me a holler!

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Re: Promoting Appleseed
« Reply #1 on: July 01, 2021, 02:40:43 PM »
Dead Zero in Spencer runs a NRA hi-power  match on the 3rd Saturday of each month $30 to shoot it no membership required and it’s basically a day pass for the 1000yds range. They also have a dedicated Appleseed RFKD range out to 200yds.
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