Author Topic: Wilmington, OH AAR - June 12 & 13, 2021  (Read 81 times)

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Wilmington, OH AAR - June 12 & 13, 2021
« on: June 14, 2021, 09:11:17 PM »
SHOOTERS, Your preparation period to save OUR country begins NOW!

That's what the latest graduating class of Project Appleseed Clinton County Farmers and Sportsmen Association in Wilmington, Ohio heard in their hearts and minds early Saturday and answer that call they did. Sixteen proud and ready Patriots took to the gravel palace that is Good Ole Bay 7 to learn the greatest of all uniquely American skills- Marksmanship - and with it a dose of Heritage and History like with no other people in the world. And boy do we need it!

It's a good thing they had a healthy bit of tenacity, persistence, and grit because this was one tough weekend. Mother nature dumped a bucket of water on that smoking' hot gravel and made our peaceful bay into Moonbase Sauna. We were all moving at half-speed but we all kept moving and that made all the difference.

The early Redcoats fell and the instruction began. We turned on the fire hose and cranked out squares. Before ya' knew it it was time for lunch and a moving first strike by Shadow870. Then it was back to school. Redleg delivered the Second Strike and before the Bay 7 toaster oven cooked us to a crisp we knocked out our first AQT- albeit a practice version. That got the engine racing for a real AQT and Robert made it count as America's newest Rifleman (at least for that moment) putting in a very respectable bolt-action 215. HUZZAH!

The Saturday afternoon Redcoats showed great improvement and guess who cleared his- that's right, Robert did! Some things were just meant to be.

Longrifleman closed out storytime with his Third Strike and we all collapsed into our rolling refrigerators for the trip back to R & R. There's always tomorrow! (Oh, no! The weather is the same tomorrow!)

Sunday morning kind of melted into existence but we faced it headlong and full of hope. Redcoats fell and we reviewed the instruction from the day before. Lots of squares later we began the AQT grind. It was clear that the teachable attitude that was prevalent in our shooters was starting to pay off.

Rowan broke 200 as did Phillip with Matt and Jackson not far behind. Richard got a North Bridge Baptism with a 210 (Why was the water so hot?!!?) Thomas and Nicholas kept on hammering it right there with Steve and Robert. Ken, Nolan and Rob were giving it all they had, too. And who could ignore Greg putting in his best effort leading Ross, Teresa, and Jeanne on the left side of the line!

After a heated (haha, Get it?) Team Drill we decided to call it a day and let the Redcoats speak to our progress and they didn't lie. We even spent a little time talking about the thirteen flags flying proudly over our bay in honor of Flag Day this week.

Thank you so very, very much to everyone who toughed it out and made our event a success- both the instructor corps and our shooters. Every Appleseed tells a story and I hope everyone who attended can share one of humble pride and success.
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