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KD opportunity in September with DonD

Started by Ramblin' Wreck, June 07, 2021, 10:49:53 AM

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Ramblin' Wreck

Attention fellow Appleseeders,There is a KD on the schedule September 11-12 in Puryear, TN with Master Instructor DonD as Shoot Boss. Right now there are 3 shooters registered with a cap of 12. Please make a special effort to announce the event at all upcoming 25 meter rifle and pistol events and let's see if we can fill the line. Who better to learn KD from than the guy who wrote the manual?

See you on the line.Ramblin' Wreck
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I recommend this event. I earned my Known Distance under DonD and Google last year at Puryear.  Instruction is in the Air-conditioned clubhouse.
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