Author Topic: AAR RED BLUFF, CA MAY 1-2  (Read 74 times)

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« on: May 05, 2021, 06:13:25 PM »
It was a windy weekend at the Tehama Shooters Association Range.    Let me rephrase that…it was breezy on Saturday, it was very nearly Fred’s “Why are we out here shooting?” at times windy on Sunday!!
4 students came out to learn, and learn they did.  They were a focused group, but still a fun group to work with.
As we started to work through the blocks of instruction, groups started to shrink. 
We took a break for lunch and some history.  Then back to the line and some more instruction.  We got in one AQT before calling it a day.
We ended Saturday with the 3rd strike. 
Sunday was rough with the wind.  Easily 20mph sustained with gusts the news said to 40+. 
We tied some surveyor’s tape on the backer and could see the tumbling effect of the wind at the target line. Firing line was a head wind, target line alternated between a tail wind and a head wind. 
The 3 students that returned (one had a family emergency and couldn’t return) decided after lunch that they would spend time working on positions rather than AQT’s.  We were able to give them more assistance with that.  They are all getting better.  I hope to see them back out again soon.
Thank you very much to the Tehama Shooters Association for hosting us.
Thank you to my instructors, you were awesome!
Thanks to everyone for helping us tear down and clean up.

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