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Southern Nevada rifle matches
« on: January 09, 2021, 04:17:49 AM »
Southern Nevada rifle matches
1st Sunday
Vintage Military Rifle Silhouette
The guy in the picture is Joe. He's the reason all the flies on the range are walking

2nd Saturday
VIMBAR (Vintage Military Bolt Action Rifle)
If you don't have a qualifying pistol, there are loaners available.
There are no rifle loaners

NRL 22 - Precision Tactical Rimfire
Stages are published a month in advance and can be downloaded here

3rd Saturday
VIMSAR (Vintage Military Semi Auto Rifle
Pistol Loaners available here too.
Same format as Vimbar

Precision Tactical Rifle

3rd Sunday
SCP (Sin City Precision) Accurized AR Match
Early sign ups can be done on Practiscore

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Re: Southern Nevada rifle matches
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WOW! Between the Instructor KD and those other events, it sounds like a great weekend of shooting! If I wasn't already committed elsewhere, I'd be there. I can't wait to hear how many earn that KD rocker!
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