Author Topic: El Paso Appleseed Events in March  (Read 533 times)

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El Paso Appleseed Events in March
« on: February 28, 2009, 10:39:04 PM »
Need everyone to start beating the brush for these. March 14-15 (beginning of Spring Break) at Fort Bliss Rod and Gun Range 7 (the no-birdshot down the collar range).
March 28-29 El Paso Community College- The Premiere of Funfaler at an event in El Paso. Many people are needed to attend. Some will be attendees learning the message and the skills. Others will be instructors vying for the attention of the lesser exalted one. Others still will be required to keep the hoards of mamacitas from throwing their daughters at funfaler during the induction of the lesser exalted one into the Mysterious Order of the Sombrero. Come one, come all.
We have 4 signed up for March 28-29 (guess there are those who prefer their fun indoors). Need another 16 to fill those bays.
We have none, zip, nada for March 14-15. May have a random drive by from los locos vatos but so far no serious takers.
How about it? Can you all convince folks they need to come out? Grizzled one and I along with the gang of six are plastering flyers almost quicker than the wind can take them down, and will be working the gun show this coming weekend. Tell those Californios to call their relatives in El Paso and come out.
Rifleman. That says it all.