Author Topic: GL region: Big event in Indiana (40 shooters) Instructors NEEDED!!  (Read 70 times)

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Through ITB, we've been contacted through a church/homeschool group that wants to have a private Appleseed event in Indiana.  They have 39 confirmed shooters (16 adults, 23 kids) and are busily working on getting enough rifles, ammo and finding a venue.  Currently that venue is on the Southeast side of Indianapolis.

As you know, Indiana's instructor cadre is mostly based near Evansville so we will likely be calling on Instructors from IN, MI, OH, IL to help.  Right now, we're working on a date, with the top ones being September 19th, October 10th or November 14th.  Oct 3rd is a potential as well.  These dates have the fewest conflicts with other events in the region.

This is a HUGE opportunity to reinvigorate Indiana so I'd like you to look at your calendars and block those out if possible (heck, college football looks like it is cancelled so whattaya gonna do with your weekends anyway?)

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Re: GL region: Big event in Indiana (40 shooters) Instructors NEEDED!!
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Steel Thunder,

Let me know when you get a final date.  I will make sure that Ohio steps up to help. 

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