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Palm Bay, FL KD Feb 14, 2020 AAR
« on: February 16, 2020, 02:25:18 PM »
It takes a special breed to attend a one-day Known Distance Clinic on Friday, Valentine's Day! Sea Sniper and Pirategirl drove up from Big Pine Key (7 hours each way). Plane Man and Miss Conduct spent half that time on the road from Hollywood, FL. Locals Timmah, Yankee Davey, MaidMarian and SWOFO also shot. Sieggie helped manage the electronic targets and Lineboss. The day started with a brief review of field-expedient sighting with BSZ. After verifying everyone had a solid zero at 25 meters we moved to 300 yards to refine the zero at the second coincidence. Three had to depart after the first AQT and lunch. The others completed three full distance AQTs. Two LD Riflemen requalified and one scored at his first KD. Congratulations Timmah! The others just needed a bit more trigger time to close the deal. Never the less, DOPE was obtained and recorded, and centerfire riflery techniques were refined.
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