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Instructor Boot Camp in Vegas, anyone?

Started by sleepy, November 12, 2019, 11:53:35 AM

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We are proposing an Instructor Boot Camp in Las Vegas, Nevada, for Friday, December 13th, followed by an Appleseed on the 14th and 15th where you can apply what you've learned for IITs and instructors. Morpheus would be the shoot boss. There is no charge to attend an IBC, beyond range fees paid at the gate.

IBC isn't just for IITs:

-INSTRUCTORS will have skills polished and pick up current doctrine.

-IITs will learn new skills and if passing their PCs, may be promoted.

-SHOOTERS over age 13 wanting to instruct but waiting on that Rifleman patch may attend, provided they're signed up on the forum.
For all, it's a great opportunity to learn under the supervision of an Appleseed Senior Instructor. You get to spend time with great people from all over America, pretty much the only company I care to keep anymore.

The only possible downside to this is that what happens in Vegas isn't staying in Vegas. It will be posted on the AAR, with pics!

We need to know whether there is active interest not later than November 21st, so we can make arrangements and post the IBC in a timely manner. Don't wait for someone else to do it; if you're interested and able make the first move.

Actual sign-ups will be on the forum, so please log in. We can't sign you up if you're not on the forum.

Those interested and able to attend may call or text Rick at 505-264-8892 from 9am to 8pm mountain time. If texting, please ensure you leave a forum name and phone number.