Author Topic: San Antonio Instructor Crew Brushing up on CPR/Emergency Medical Training - Fun!  (Read 150 times)

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Hello Texas Appleseeders,

   Just want to quickly document a wonderful event a few of us in the San Antonio area had an opportunity to be a part of this past weekend.  A number of our local Instructors and Orange Hats got together to participate in a CPR/Emergency Medical preparedness course.  The course was a simple introduction to CPR/wound care with a focus on issues which may be encountered during an Appleseed event.  We were extremely lucky to have the lead instructor from Regolith Medical Services (local to San Antonio!!!) provide us a wealth of knowledge as well as hands-on-practice. 

   As we like to preach in Appleseed, practice, practice, practice.  Well, our ultra-experienced instructor, Cody, certainly felt the same way!!!  We practiced with CPR dummies, AED devices, tourniquet application and even wound packing – on real muscle!!!!  He actually brought pork shoulders and simulated an open wound for us to practice packing a wound!  Also, we went through a timed tourniquet placement exercise simulating multiple bleed sights which need to be dealt with.  The time for critical blood loss from a major wound is only 3 minutes!!!  Try identifying the bleed sight, clearing the tourniquet sight, preparing and deploying the device properly on multiple locations in under 3 minutes!!!  The time rocketed by faster than the time on Stage 2 of the AQT!!!  Worse part is, if you fail here it is not just dropped points – the consequences may be much greater.  Practice, practice, practice!

   This was a wonderful introduction to a skill set which all Appleseed Instructors/Volunteers, heck – everyone really, should look to gain proficiency in.  We strive to increase our marksmanship skills with an enthusiastic passion, likewise we should look to do the same with Emergency Medical Preparedness.  Luckily enough, Regolith Medical Services, can certainly start you down the proper path.  Thank you again greatly!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Wow pretty intense stuff!  :pop: Way to go guys and great job putting this together. :F
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