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Ohio IBC in Feb 2020
« on: November 05, 2019, 07:48:25 PM »
Hello WV Appleseed,

I wanted to share Ohio's plans to conduct an Instructor Boot Camp that you may be interested in.  We are planning to have this at the Tusco Rifle Club, in New Philadelphia, Ohio.  This range is located in east-central Ohio with easy access from I77.

The tentative event is scheduled for February 15-16, 2020.  I have a meeting with the range on Nov 21st to finalize our schedule including this IBC.  I would encourage any WV IITs, instructors, and SB's to consider joining us.  We will be using the Michigan IBC as our model.  I think they do the best job with an IBC in the program.

I have an entry for this in the Ohio state forum.  If you are interested, please go there and drop us a line and tell up your interest.  We are trying to gauge the level of interest in Ohio and the surrounding states.

I will let you know when the date is firm with the range and I hope to see you all there.


Link to IBC entry in Ohio:
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