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Sacramento, CA October 19-20, 2019
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This was the last event of the year for us and I cannot think of a better way to end it than with 5 new Riflemen (2 of them under the age of 18!!) and one Distinguished Rifleman!!

29 folks came out to enjoy the gorgeous fall weather in Sacramento. 

As always, we began with the safety briefing, then the Red Coat.

This group of students were ready to learn.  We had quite a few returning students.

By lunch time, the groups were getting smaller and you could see the determination and the “light bulb” moments.

A break for lunch and some history, then back to the line. 

We were able to get in 2 AQT's on Saturday, which was a good thing as some of our students were not going to be able to return on Sunday. 

On the first AQT, 17 yr old Malachi turned in the first Rifleman score 235, backed up on the 2nd AQT with a 231!

Norm was right behind him with a 211.

The 2nd AQT 13 yr old Johan and his oldest brother Gideon turned in their Rifleman scores 231 and 218!!  Dad and their other brother have their work cut out for them now...

We finished Saturday with the Red Coat and awarding of the Rifleman patches and the Young Patriot patch to 6 deserving youth. 

Sunday, we had quite a few folks not come back out. We ended up with 17 who came back out. 

Sunday was a very breezy day.

After the safety briefing and morning Red Coat we dove back in to the review and started refining and tightening groups.  After history at lunch, we began the AQT's. 

The very delightful Mr. B turned in the first Rifleman score of 213 (this after 207 and 208 the day before).

Chris, a multiple repeat Rifleman decided that the Distinguished patch was going home with him that weekend.  It did...barely...with optics he shot a 240!!  Says next is to achieve it with irons, then a bolt and then the 250 patch...Can't wait!!

I want to thank all of you for making this last event of the year a wonderful one!!

Thank you all for staying and helping us clean up, it is much appreciated.


Hope to see you all out again next year!

Your instructors:

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