Author Topic: Chugiak, AK Oct. 12-13  (Read 120 times)

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Chugiak, AK Oct. 12-13
« on: October 14, 2019, 10:59:57 PM »
On a cold and blustery October morning, 13 hardy souls gathered to learn the fundamentals of rifle marksmanship.
Some were experienced, some were new to us, but all were amazing folks I am glad to have spent a weekend with.
The first day started out with some challenges to be overcome, but by the end of the first day, everyone had done an amazing job and vastly improved.
The second day dawned early and beautiful, as  everyone returned ready for more.
By the end of the weekend, no one was truly ready to return to the real world, but alas, it was necessary.
Some of the highlights of this weekend:
   -New shooter Alex got Rifleman with a score of 212 at his first ever shoot!
   -Returning Instructor 509gman got his first ever requal with a centerfire rifle!
   -Tiffany stepped up to take an Orange hat!
   -Clover got her distinguished patch with a beautiful 242!
   -Alaska gained a new Shoot Boss!!

All in all, with was my genuine pleasure to spend a weekend with these AMAZING people.
To the students: I hope to see all of you again soon!
To the Cadre: it was, as always, a pleasure and an honor to work with all of you, and I look forward to seeing you all again soon!

Until next time,
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Re: Chugiak, AK Oct. 12-13
« Reply #1 on: October 17, 2019, 06:02:47 PM »
Several "news".

A new Rifleman, at his first event.  And I don't think he had a marksmanship background.  Just the uncommon ability to learn and apply the material presented.  The method works.

A new orange hat at his first event as an IIT!  :beer:

A new Shoot Boss.   :bow:

And some new approaches.  Putting the "classroom" on the left end of the range seemed to work better.
As to the species of exercise, I advise the gun.  While this gives a moderate exercise to the body, it gives boldness, enterprise, and independence to the mind.
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