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It's official! We've got our first 2009 OR Appleseed!

Started by AmbulanceDriver, February 09, 2009, 08:02:47 PM

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Hello all,

It's been a busy week and so it took me a while to get to this forum, but I just wanted to thank all who participated in the Appleseed this past weekend. Although I only shot on Sunday, I sure did learn a lot.  A special nod to the IITs and instructors who tweaked my form enough for me to earn my Rifleman badge with zero points to spare.  :o

Also, congrats to Mr Clarke for becoming a full-blown instructor.

Hope to see a lot of you this month in Castle Rock.

BTW, I still have someone's RemOil (Woody?  Mr Clarke?).  I'll bring it to Castle Rock!


phlii, we look forward to seeing you at Castle Rock....

The next step is to get enough IIT's interested to set up the next Instructor's Boot Camp.  Start churnin' out IIT3 and IIT4's, get some more Red Hats for OR!!!  (and yes, I suppose WA too...  :P )