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AAR Niles, Michigan - BORCC, Sep 14-15, 2019
« on: September 13, 2019, 07:50:22 PM »
Another great weekend at Bend of the River Conservation Club with a small-but-mighty class.  Doug and Scott, you followed the instruction amazingly quickly--it did not seem like it was your first time at an Appleseed event!  And things paid off, with Scott scoring Rifleman first with a 216, Doug joining him and tossing in an extra point for good measure on the next AQT with a 217 (on a Rapid Fire AQT), and then Scott repeating with a 220 (also on a RFAQT).  You showed you know very much what you are about, and I hope we see you on the line again soon (cough cough, Dorr KD the first weekend in November, cough). 

Many thanks to BORCC for their hospitality once again.  And my hat is off to my amazing instructor crew, Tigger, merlin33, Sir Kay, and Lancelot.  You guys are absolutely the best. 

(And thanks to the AOC for coming up with the service pins, and letting us better recognize our volunteers and what they do...I was honored to be able to present 3 of those pins this weekend.)

I feel certain there are some photos out there...let's see if we can get them up.

See you on down the trail!  Oz
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