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Re: D Target Availability
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National target calls them the DOG(T) Military target, and you have to call and get a quote for them, they’re not on the website/cataloged as far as I know.
Just to be 100% clear, these are the full D repair centers, not the 6-foot x 6-food behemoths :)
They have a 3 ring, and the heavy paper is very nice. Our friends at Waco Tactical Fitness picked up the tab for the first batch in Texas, and we’ve collected close to $250 towards another set.
The real benefit that we’ve seen is giving the shooter feedback on low 400 yard groups. 
We’ll usually start the day with these, and then (once the shooters have the right dope) use the standard Appleseed repair centers for the rest of the day.
We had also used a scan to print some out before ordering, but (even with a good discount!) they cost too much - and were printed on white bond paper that really couldn’t take much abuse.

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