Author Topic: Redmond, WA Interlake Sporting Association AAR July 13/14 2019  (Read 98 times)

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We had a beautiful if not a bit warm by PNW standards weekend hosted by Interlake Sporting Association in Redmond, WA.  We started Saturday morning with 17 shooters who came eager to drink from the firehose of instruction, by Saturday afternoon their scores shows the amount of improvement that was made throughout the day.  We started Saturday with only 1 shooter who got the 100 yard target, but by afternoon we had 9!

A few attendees who came to their first Appleseed event really showed that they knew what they were doing, Andrew finished the weekend with a high of 190! what an improvement from a previous score of 129!  O0 Collin finished the weekend with a high score of 198! O0 Joshua finished with a high of 181! O0

James showed persistence throughout the weekend and cranked out scores of 192, 208, and finally 213!  ^:)^ Corey really shot some super tight groups in the sighter squares and practice targets, finishing the weekend with a SOLID score of 218! ^:)^

I thank each of you who came out to participate in this weekend's clinic for your time, your patience, and your persistence throughout the weekend.  You should all be proud of the improvement that you have all made.  One key thing to remember from this weekend, regardless of whether you made the score or not, is that each of you have done more in this weekend to learn about Liberty and Freedom than the vast majority of folks.  Don't be disappointed if you did not make the score, remember, getting the Rifleman's patch is a journey, it requires practice, repetition, and most important of all, persistence.  A Rifleman persists!  Most importantly of all, I hope that we have all either stoked the fire of Liberty brighter within your hearts, or have made that ember within each of you that burns for Freedom and Liberty glow brighter.

I look forward to seeing each of you again at a future event, please remember to help us spread the word through the 7th step!  Bring a friend/family/coworker to the next event!
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Re: Redmond, WA Interlake Sporting Association AAR July 13/14 2019
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Really great that your Appleseed went so well. I couldn't stay very long at Port Townsend for the second day, but they did start the morning looking like they were improved from Saturday. Will hope to see all your shooters back on one of our lines in the future. I have done a lot with my rifles in my Appleseed past, but have yet to shoot up to any of their potentials. Would be nice to get another tab... they don't give them out for telling the history... but I am trying. O0
... to catch the fire in another American for sharing the skills and our heritage to our posterity. Maybe my perfect shots will be made by those I met along the trials and trails of Appleseed. I know that America is a nation of Riflemen.

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Re: Redmond, WA Interlake Sporting Association AAR July 13/14 2019
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We had another great event in Redmond. We had a firing line full of teachable attitudes and it showed over the course of the two days. As always it was exciting to see the shot groups consistently tighten up as we progressed through the weekend. We had all the normal stock shape, sighting system and ammunition hiccups, but every shooter persisted. Sunday afternoon we had a redcoat target that was one shot away from being cleared (barely under the 400) with a 10/22 still using the stock rear leaf sight! It was clear that there was a lot of talent on the line this weekend. Now its time to internalize everything you drank from the fire hose :)

While we only had two shooters attain a score over 210, I have no doubt that we will be giving many of the attendees from this weekend a patch in the near future.

A few things for those shooters still on their journey to 210:
-Dry practice. Dry practice. Dry practice. Hydrate. Dry practice.
-Practice all those 'comfortable' positions at home. Get your body used to them.
-Use a click pen to practice squeeeeeeeeeeeezing the trigger, and releasing only to the reset point

Remember that 7th step of firing a shot; help us spread the message of Project Appleseed.

Since almost everyone on the line was "no pictures" I was only able to get one picture of James with his qualifying AQT -

I also want to throw out a big thank you to Steve for making the 3000 mile journey from Florida to help us out on the instructor side of things. It was great working with you and getting an insite into some of the differences of instructuon between the northwest and Florida. Thanks for stepping up and going the extra (3000) miles.
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