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600 yards at Vets Shooting Center
« on: May 16, 2019, 05:47:39 PM »
What a bright and sunny day on the Vets Shooting Center KD range! I met ArcEagle14 and one of the owners of Vets today for some 600 yard High Power match shooting.

The target was the NRA High Power target and we shot it as a normal Mid Range Prone(MRP) event, 2 sighters per stage, 20 rounds for score, three different stages for a total of 66 rounds fired. We were working on validating the electronic scoring system, things went very well.

We each fired AR15's, single loading per NRA rules, which means you have to break position and single load each cartridge. Takes a little getting used to, but not bad at all. I did shoot an M14 just to verify zero, which was excellent, but not for score.

I can say we each fired good scores and decided to shoot an Appleseed KDAQT next week, probably will shoot a few of them!

As usual, if you're planning on being in our AO and want to shoot KD, contact us, we'll likely be able to saddle up and meet you at the range.

Quinncannon, out.
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