Author Topic: Livingston, NY AAR - May 11-12, 2019  (Read 151 times)

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Livingston, NY AAR - May 11-12, 2019
« on: May 12, 2019, 09:58:01 PM »
New York's First Event for 2019 was a success! ^:)^

Big Thanks to The Members of The Kalicoontie Rod and Gun Club, for the use of their facilities.

Great weather welcomed students Saturday Morning. Students quickly set out mats and equipment, and also helped move 3 stout shooting benches 30 yards, for the students that required them.

We promptly started with The First Strike, and then the safety brief, it  was time to get out on the line. The morning Red Coat showed us, there was work to be done,  and we quickly got to it. Steady hold factors, six steps, NPOA, were absorbed , and students stayed focused.

Lunch afforded students a short break, and they heard The Second Strike.  Back out on the mats, we worked on positions, and transitions,  then it was time for the first practice AQT, Followed by 2 timed AQTs , Saturday produced 1 New Riflemen, and 2 Repeat Riflemen.

Cold steady drizzle was the weather for Sunday... Instructors and students worked together to move the line, so we could use the covered firing line, and all were glad we was nasty.
We started the day with an extended classroom session, students got the Third Strike , with DOM, and then a brief Known Distance, and talking targets.  We headed out to the firing line, worked on zeros, handled some rifle malfunctions and moved on to The Grind.  An afternoon soggy Red Coat showed improvements all around.
Everyone pitched in cleaning up and breaking down the range.

We tallied up Red Coats and AQTS and we had some more Rifleman
 :~ Anthony 210
 :~ Campbell 221

 :~ Maria  248 :snipersmi

 :~Steven 212

Steven is the perfect example of A Rifleman Persists,  HE worked hard for many Appleseeds, always close, He stuck with it, traveled long distance, to make the event, and scored on the last AQT of the day O0

Repeat Riflemen

 :--- Rich 225

 :--- Hugh 211

 :--- Doug 219

 :--- Walter 216

We also got 2 New Orange Hats  Bob and Campbell both stepped up! :bow:

Thanks to my instructor Crew for their Hard work.  sharebare, sgtmarine ,CAANY, boru, and longrange :F
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Re: Livingston, NY AAR - May 11-12, 2019
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2019, 11:13:23 PM »
This was my 4th shoot with grumpy, nothing changed, he's still grumpy.  I would like to thank him and his crew of volunteers.  They were always helpful with any problems that arose.  This goes for the Livingston and the Saratoga events.  Looking forward to additional events in the future.  Thanks for a safe, friendly and fun event with all.  Take care, Walt usaf.