Author Topic: KD all day at VETS Shooting Center 11 March 19  (Read 23 times)

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KD all day at VETS Shooting Center 11 March 19
« on: March 11, 2019, 09:09:48 PM »
What a great day for KD shooting in north central Arkansas at the VETS Shooting Center! With the temps well above the 17 degrees we experienced last week, we were ready for more ringing of the steel and punching holes in paper with our service rifles!

The range was very muddy, but ArcEagle14 brought his ATV for some some quick steel painting and stapling up targets! Targets shot today were from 300 to 600 yards.

Shooting went very well, we seem to continue to challenge ourselves and not only shoot the big Appleseed KD targets, but also the much smaller targets that the shooting center has provided for the "precision shooters".  We will be hanging a steel Appleseed KD target at 600 yards very soon, on order from Rifleman targets.  We have one at 400 and 500 at present.

Sitting practice on a 11" X 16" steel target at 300 yards, if you can hit this in a consistent manner, the big ol' KD target at 200 is a piece of cake. Yes, we can hit it, continuously.

As usual, we extend an invitation to all who would like to join in on the rifle practice or may need a little coaching on how to put rounds on steel out to 600 yards or work on qualifying on the AQT.

Quinncannon, out.
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