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New Acting State Coordinator
« on: November 07, 2019, 08:06:49 PM »
It appears I am state coordinator for Nevada, the result of a request for information gone very weird. I’ll consider this a temporary appointment, until someone more local can assume charge.

Let's start by assessing the situation best as possible.

Everyone affiliated with Nevada Appleseed, please check in with as much contact information (phone numbers, email addresses) as possible. Also, if you know of anyone affiliated (current or previous), their names and whatever contact information you might have would be a Godsend.

Second, does anyone have the names of current or previous shoot bosses in Nevada? RWVA t-shirts will soon be obsolete, so I’m trying to get them handed out to shooters ASAP saving Appleseed money already spent. That means getting them out of closets, basements, and garages where they’ve been sitting for years.

Now, some good news!

We have boots on the ground in northern Nevada, and hope to parley that into shoots in Reno and Winnemucca in 2020. A little coordination with California will, God willing, pay dividends for staffing in both states.

I’d also like to thank Whangdoodle for all his hard work in getting the program where it is in Las Vegas. Also, thanks for reaching out with information when I was blindly trying to figure things out.

Right now, Las Vegas is where the Appleseed activity is, so let’s give Whangdoodle whatever support we can. He has two people traveling from far away to assist him on the line for December. Let’s see if we can’t make ourselves a bit more self-sufficient in the future.

Thanks to az mule for reaching out to southern Nevada shooters when there was nothing here. Good luck with your new location, and whatever Appleseed projects you’re undertaking.

Anyone deserving of a shout out but not seeing it, apologies. I know little, but will work to find out.

Thanks in advance for your cooperation.