Author Topic: KD at VETS Shooting center 10 January 2019  (Read 42 times)

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KD at VETS Shooting center 10 January 2019
« on: January 10, 2019, 02:56:26 PM »
Went down to the VETS Shooting Center on 10 Jan 19 for some KD shooting! I like the reduced course AQT, but KD just takes it up another notch!

The rifle for this day was a Spikes Tactical AR308 that I assembled. This rifle was assembled with the Spikes Livewire upper and lower, Fulton Armory 24 inch 1/10 barrel and Fulton bolt on a Spikes bolt carrier. Midwest freefloat handguard. Scope a SWFA SS, on a SWFA one piece mount.

All shooting from 300 to 500 yards. The rifle is a hammer, after ensuring a good zero at 300, just dialed up to 400 and 500. The rifle did not disappoint, fired 100 rounds, love smacking steel with a .308! Sure, the little .223/5.56 can ring 'em, but not like a .308/7.62! Huzzahh!

As always, to any and all who would like to shoot KD or the reduced course for some coaching or just some good comraderie with Appleseed minded folks, let us know! We can help get you tuned up for an upcoming "official" Appleseed KD that the big boys have back east too!

Quinncannon, out.
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