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Centerfire Clinic
« on: January 10, 2019, 09:55:02 AM »
Palm Bay FL Mar 16, 2019
Appleseed - Private - Event ID: 6230
Centerfire Rifles Only
This one-day workshop will focus on centerfire skills at 25 meters.

If you're an instructor get on over to TIPS and sign up.
If you're not an instructor, and you've attended a previous Appleseed, please PM me if you would like to attend.

The plan of instruction will be streamlined to focus on improvement of the essential skills of The Six Steps of Firing a Shot, Natural Point of Aim (NPOA) and Steady Hold Factors of the four field positions.  Instruction will be conducted with Total Participant Involvement (TPI)--you will be expected to contribute in the presentations.
A limited number of sighting squares will be shot and then multiple AQTs will follow. Bring four ten-round minimum capacity magazines for Rapid Fire (four minute) AQTs. Bring minimum 250 rounds.

Promotion opportunities will be available for IITs. Please PM me with your particular PC requests.

Participants who shoot Rifleman score at this event will qualify for attendance at the Known Distance Clinic at Palm Bay, March 30-31, 2019.

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