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Primary Arms 1-8X24mm SFP Rifle Scope
« on: November 27, 2018, 06:33:29 PM »
Scope Review - Primary Arms 1x8 ACSS
By scuzzy

Last year I'd done a review on the Primary Arms  5x Prism with ACSS Reticle. Man I love that scope. Back then I'd been looking for something similar to an ACOG but didn't have money to burn. I'd bought it based on a trusted friends' word. My friend is  Appleseed Instructor and I trust what our instructors have to say more than the average bear. He told me Primary Arms had good scopes. And cheap. Well the 5x Prism was cheap at least compared to an ACOG. That's for sure.

See this review from Oct 2017:

As you can tell from that review I really liked it. It turns out there were more than a few other Appleseed Instructors that had tried them too - and liked them - as the review shows. Heck the last KD I did two weeks ago there were 2 other people with Primary Arms scopes out of a group of 12 people. Primary Arms is getting really popular here in my area with our instructors.

Now the 5x Prism was a really good scope especially for run' n' guns. However - I'd wanted to try something with a bit higher magnification for longer range applications. Like Known Distance Appleseeds. In case you didn't know Appleseed has Known Distance classes here and there. That’s where instead of shooting a scaled target at 25m simulating 100, 200, 300, and 400 yards we actually go the full distance. The targets are not simulated - they are full size targets at 100 yards, 200 yards - all the way out to 400 yards.

So I wanted more magnification.

I saw that Primary Arms had a 1x8 scope with the ACSS reticle. And 8x seems a pretty good setup. OK - I wanted one. Just a bit more magnification for longer ranges. Especially with my crappy eyes. And lo and behold one just magically appeared via UPS one day. Thanks Marshall.

So this it it:

Now if you read my review about the 5x Prism you know I don’t like doing reviews until I’ve had at least 1000 rounds through something. Now in this case I’ve probably got more like 1,400 rounds through the 1x8 ACSS scope in order to ask the 64K question - does it hold zero. So time for a review. BTW: The 5x Prism I got last year is still rocking and I've lost count of how many rounds have been put through it.

Short answer - 1,400 rounds later the 1x8 ACSS holds a zero. No problem.

Is the glass clear - pretty good I’d say.

Is the ACSS reticle cool? Yup - you betcha. What? You’ve never heard of the ACSS reticle? Well just do a search on the internet. And they do still have videos on youtube about it. Although youtube is starting to delete gun related vids. Anyhow the ACSS reticle - it rocks.

And it’s even got an illuminated reticle and has brightness settings and uses a standard CR2032 battery. And if the battery goes out it’s got etched glass so you’re still good to go. Nice for low light conditions. Most of the time I just leave it turned off though.

OK - just one minor gripe. The 5x Prism has a fine dot as the aim point. The 1x8 ACSS has the ‘chevron’ similar to ACOGS. I’m not a big fan of the chevron but I don’t hate it either. I can live with it though. But that’s just a personal thing - some people love ‘em.

So I like it. Buku. It’s a good long range scope. Reasonably priced. And works well.

Now a few words about scopes with BDC (Bullet Drop Compensation) reticles. These are calibrated to be used with a certain type of ammo. In the case of the 1x8 it's calibrated for 556. Now 223 is pretty close to 556 so that's most likely not going to be a problem. However the last time I used the 8x I’d used a 75gr bullet and the velocity was much slower than a standard 55gr. At 100 & 200 yards it was close enough. But after 200 yards that 75gr, which was traveling at about 2500 fps out the barrel, dropped like a rock.

The 1x8 ACSS is calibrated using 556 ammo. So that’s around 3100 fps or thereabouts. Now my 75gr as I said was only a hair over 2500. Pretty slow stuff.

So at 300 I had to hold over just a bit higher on the target - about 4 inches or so. And at 400? Jeez I used the 500 hash mark. No biggie - but you do have to get out to the range and see how your ammo works. Now when I used some standard 556 55gr ammo the reticle worked great using the hash marks as designed.. Even did some shooting at 500 yards. So moral of story - get your dang rifle out to the range and learn it inside and out if you’re going to do serious shooting at distance.

LOL - we had a really cool lady out out the last Known Distance. She had a scope with a BDC recticle. Just wasn’t working on long range at all. Then Tim, one of the instructors, took a closer look at the scope. It was a BDC scope for 300 Blackout. And she was shooting an AR using 223 ammo. That just ain’t going to work.

In closing I’ll say it’s a good distance scope. But if you do run and gun events or more of the tactical type of shooting - go check out the Primary Arms 5x Prism. Or their 3x Prism is good too.

And since I do both types of shooting - I have one of each.
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Re: Primary Arms 1-8X24mm SFP Rifle Scope
« Reply #1 on: December 06, 2018, 06:12:34 PM »
I'm a big fan of Dimitri's ACSS scopes.  If you want one that is super useful for KD appleseeds and IMC check out their new ACSS Griffin line.  It has a the Circle+Chevron and then an MOA dot tree scale underneath for MOA hold overs including wind holds (also a MIL version, but we are Appleseeders, its not Inches-MILS-Clicks!  The Griffin is nice because its not calibrated for a specific round/speed/BC.  You figure out your own DOPE and its just like dialing on your Irons or Scope... only you don't have to actually touch the knobs, you never get lost on your zero.

I think that one is in their more expensive line of 34mm tube FFP scopes.  Supposedly on par with top end Leupolds, so its going to be pretty pricey but the glass is supposed to be high density greatness out of Japan.  I don't have one, yet, so I can't comment on it directly.

Dimitri has many Youtube videos describing in great detail almost all of the Primary Arms designs (he's the designer) and I've chatted with him personally, and he supposedly put the BDC ACSS reticles into Strelok so you can plug your own speed/BC into the program and it will spit out what distances the BDC is useful for.  (

The really big advantage of the BDCs that he makes are that you generally Range a "Ahem'mansizedtarget" by height or width and the mark you used to do the ranging is ALSO the mark for that same distance, so 6-steps that baby without touching your sight picture.

You can only do that though with a defined round, like an XM193 or other known-commodity mil-spec cartridge.  The Griffin is for everyone who shoots non-standard, or home-brew ammo.

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Re: Primary Arms 1-8X24mm SFP Rifle Scope
« Reply #2 on: December 06, 2018, 07:46:35 PM »
The 1x8 ACSS is calibrated using 556 ammo.

All the 1-8 Primary ACSS scopes are calibrated for 5.56 and .223, 7.62x51 and .308. A couple of the models also are 6.5 Grendel and 5.54x39 (AK74).

Many other PA scopes also have different versions for different calibers. Those mentioned above as well as 7.62x39 and .224 are what comes to mind. They also have a .22 with ACSS.

Thanks for the review Scuzzy