Author Topic: Introducing Olympic Shooting Disciplines to schools  (Read 263 times)

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Introducing Olympic Shooting Disciplines to schools
« on: July 29, 2018, 07:11:34 PM »
Did not know where to best post this, so please do move post to whichever group deemed most appropriate.

Here is me looking for novel ways to bring marksmanship (and heritage) to the young generations and I'd like to put the post under the header of: "Introducing Olympic Shooting Disciplines to schools with Appleseed Instructors as Coaches"

I was just going through the school enrollment forms for our child and I was asked which profession/ hobbies/ talents/ interests do I have, which I'd be willing to present as "guest expert" at my child's school. Since I thought that entering "Teaching of colonial history and the American tradition of rifle marksmanship" would not fly to well, I entered "American and World History" as well as "Olympic Sports ".

When following that link to the IOC website, I perused the list of Olympic Shooting Disciplines and past medalists and was shocked that the US hardly ever has any medalist, whereas Russia and China and some other countries are routinely represented throughout the decades (it does not appear to be just a recent development).

Especially the "Olympic 50m 3 Position Rifle" event seems tailored for Appleseeders.

Here's my thought/ hope: over time I am able to sell my daughter's school on allowing training for at least the Olympic pistol and rifle disciplines. Seems to me that arguing politically against Olympic disciplines would be very hard to do, and I'd have a fair chance in achieving success. Obviously, Appleseed training would be prerequisite to join/ stay on the school team  ;)

Seems the ISSF is then the way to go to get into the competition aspect.

Anyone have experience with this? Could not find the ISSF here in Florida...? Thoughts? Suggestions?

Thank you!


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