Author Topic: CMP Information re : 1911 pistol purchases released 9 May, 2018  (Read 622 times)

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and available @ CMP web site under 1911 info - purchase packets available for download starting 4 June, 2018, and will start to be
accepted by CMP in early September for a month.  Will require assistance of friendly FFL as TWO (2) background checks are mandatory; one through CMP and one from your own FFL - their rule, not mine...  8k for sale in 2018 and run $850-$1050.  Details @ CMP site; start saving...
    Still waiting for Smith and Thos. Center instructor purchase sheets...  Have Ruger, Henry said to be available, and Mossberg Friends and Family Program also said to be active - send email address to which I can send IPP sheets from Ruger...
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