Author Topic: AR-Seed this weekend, 2018-09-29/30!  (Read 253 times)

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AR-Seed this weekend, 2018-09-29/30!
« on: September 27, 2018, 11:44:25 AM »
lupis42's AR-Seed is this weekend. In picturesque Leyden, MA, with wonderful weather. Here is what the SB has to say about it:

Stuff we plan to cover:
Trajectory - comeups, battle-sight-zero, when to hold over vs dial, and the impact of sight offset. Verified practical trajectory at ranges from 3 yards to 200 yards.
Sighting options - discuss and demonstrate both the advantages of magnification and fancy reticles for precision shooting, and the ability of iron sights to hit an 8" piece of steel at 250 yards.
Target detection & range estimation - Including practical exercise, count, identify, and range ~20" targets at various ranges from ~25 to ~200 yards.
Supported positions - using what you find to get a little extra stability.
Pushing the limits - post QDAQTs at 100 yards (simulating 400, 800, 1200, and 1600 yards). Engage from supported prone, with ~40 minute time limit.
Care & feeding of the AR pattern rifle - demo & explain the effects of various types and qualities of ammo, and various design choices and the associate mechanical issues, e.g. moving zero caused by sling pressure on the barrel.
Spots are available, and you have to have a Patch to attend. Bring a centerfire rifle, consider bringing a rimfire as well, and sign up NOW! :---