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What a great group of folks that came to the 2018 Patriot’s Weekend Appleseed event at Interlake Sporting Association.  We had wife/husband pairs, brothers, individuals participating from all ages.

We started Saturday with a slight sprinkle which varied in intensity throughout the day, everyone was undaunted by the rain and cold on Saturday and a few were knocking on the door of the 210 score by the close of Saturday.  We pitched up as many canopies that we could to keep folks dry.  Even with the rain and the cold everyone persisted and were cheerful, with a few shivering but still cheerful, at the end of the day.  We heard the history of April 19th, about the Patriots who gave it their all to defend Liberty for their posterity.

Becca, your persistence was inspiring and your technique showed great improvement throughout the weekend.  It isn’t easy to attend an Appleseed with a new rifle that you’ve not had much experience with but your patience and persistence showed and I was impressed by the improvements that you made.
Jerry and Irina, you two sure know how to shoot!  It is always nice to see a family join us for the weekend.  Congratulations on your well-earned Rifleman and Riflewoman patches.

Diman, congratulations on your patch as well, your patience and persistence through the weekend, especially with all of the rain and water at your end of the line, is greatly appreciated.

Brian, congratulations on your patch as well.  I hope that you come back for another event and take on an orange or blue hat with us to spread the message of Liberty.
Corey, thank you for helping throughout the day.  I know you struggled a bit with the ammo/rifle combination, and the weather.  Remember a rifleman persists.
Justin, you were knocking at that door to Rifleman with the red dot.  Keep up with the techniques by dry practicing at home (remember to keep the ammunition separated from the rifle) and I’m certain you’ll cross that threshold in no time.

Hugh, you persisted even with your rifle falling apart towards the end of the weekend and a few helpful holes from your neighbor.  Appleseed is trying on not only the person, it is also trying on the equipment.  I hope it was a fairly easy repair for you to get that magazine catch fixed.

Thank you all for coming to this event and for giving us your time.  We hope the message of Liberty has made a lasting impact to each of you and we hope that you tell your friends, family, and anyone else you run into about Project Appleseed.  Most of all, we hope that those of you who achieved the patch take the next step of becoming instructors in training and joining us to spread the message of Liberty and teach others the art of rifle marksmanship.

Photos that I took can be found here, they will be up for 4 weeks before being taken offline, so please feel free to save any photos you wish to keep for yourself.

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Re: AAR Redmond, WA; Interlake Sporting Association, April 14-15 2018
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Wow!, what a wet and wonderful weekend in Redmond, WA. Glad the shooters and crew made it happen: hope you have time to read it. I did finally remember more of the names and I will look forward to meeting you again on other ranges on another Appleseed. We must persevere. O0
... to catch the fire in another American for sharing the skills and our heritage to our posterity. Maybe my perfect shots will be made by those I met along the trials and trails of Appleseed. I know that America is a nation of Riflemen.