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Blue Ridge (Powerhouse), GA-October 14/15
« on: October 16, 2017, 04:40:34 PM »
We had a most delightful weekend, with 17 participants on the first day and 15 on Sunday!
All arrived eager to learn and began improving from the start. After the usual sighting & instruction, we finally got to our first and only AQT on Saturday.
Two new Riflemen emerged: Jeff F with a very respectable score of 221, and Richard with a score of 215. Huzzah! Richard asked only at the end of the day if this AQT was for qualification; when we said of course, he asked that we score his target. We  presented him with his Rifleman Patch first thing the next morning.  Then, on Sunday afternoon, after a few squares to warm up and confirm sights, we were able to complete 4 more AQTs and have two more Riflemen! Eric and Taylor! Taylor not only qualified with his .223 AR but, then changed out rifles and qualified again with his bolt action .22.  Well done! Since we do not shoot until after lunch at this location (church nearby), we used our time to mention the Black Robe Regiment, give some information about one of them...John Peter Gabriel Muhlenberg, present the Third Strike, have Dr. John present on Liberty and Dr. Joseph Warren, present a summary of the Battle of King's Mountain, and let Cleveland tell the story of Samuel Whittemore. We also, during the morning, reviewed all instruction from the previous day, and presented KD.  It was a full morning.

My sincere thanks to Dr. John and Cleveland for their usual outstanding instruction. On Sunday morning we also introduced our IIT Dorifto, who had arrived, and had him present not only Safety Rules, but also Misfires, Hangfires and Squibs, as well as Safe Rifle. Great job! Then, just before noon our newest Orange Hat, 6Bones, arrived along with his able helper (10 year old daughter), to be introduced,receive his Rifleman patch and Orange Hat, and to serve as Line Boss for his first time during the entire afternoon.  His able helper was a very proficient time keeper for every single one of the AQT Stages (I know because I was her "backup timer".)The weather cooperated beautifully, and we were able to finish with Hits Count to end the day around 3:30. Eric confirmed his new Rifleman skills by clearing the Hits Count target!
We were all so pleased to witness many folks knocking on the Rifleman door: Christa, Jeff, Derek, and many others. We had many, many participants with Instructor potential on these two days.
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Re: Blue Ridge (Powerhouse), GA-October 14/15
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Another great day in Blue Ridge!  Great summary CokeGuy!  Looking forward to Canton in a couple weeks!