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Custer, WA. Custer Sportsmens Club Sept, 30th 2017 AAR
« on: September 27, 2017, 03:05:54 PM »
It was a great group of determined individuals who came to the Appleseed event at Custer Sportsmens Club.  We had families and individuals participating from all ages.

Everyone was very attentive to the instruction blocks and worked their butts off in the cold and the rain through Saturday.  Conner, you truly showed what it was like being inside the "riflemen's bubble" having the unlucky spot between canopies on Saturday and having all the runoff directly onto your hat and yet never budged in your position.  To make it just a bit more challenging we had some .223 brass rain onto your leg Sunday and yet you still stayed true inside that bubble.

3 riflemen (Steve, Chris, and Scott) were forged in the weekend and with scores that left absolutely no doubt as to their abilities (230+).  Conner was knocking on that door with a high 190 towards the end and struggled through many equipment issues, including one I've never seen before (completely fallen off reticle!).  I asked Steve what his secret was, considering it had been years since he had attended an Appleseed, he told me his secret was dry practice over and over and over for months before coming to the event, and boy did that dry practice pay off!

Rozlin and Victoria, you guys were demonstrating tremendous patience and persistence throughout the weekend and it showed with personal high scores on the AQT.  Keep persisting and you will get that patch!  A riflewoman persists!

Thank you all for coming to this event and for giving us your time.  We hope the message of Liberty has made a lasting impact to each of you and we hope that you tell your friends, family, and anyone else you run into about Project Appleseed.  Most of all, we hope that those of you who achieved the patch take the next step of becoming instructors in training and joining us to spread the message of Liberty and teach others the art of rifle marksmanship.

Links to some of the photos I took over the weekend can be found here:
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Re: Custer, WA. Custer Sportsmens Club Sept, 30th 2017 AAR
« Reply #1 on: October 02, 2017, 05:51:20 PM »
9 patriots came to the line to improve their marksmanship and hear our stories.

Steve came out swinging to earn his Rifleman patch on Saturday after a 5 year gap of dry practice. Steve put up repeated 230's all weekend - well done sir!

Scott and Chris both brought it all together to earn their patches Sunday on the same AQT. Then to prove it wasn't a fluke they both repeated on the Liberty AQT with 230's as well. Huzzah!

As impressive as those guys were it was our youth shooters that really impressed me this weekend. Conner was getting pummeled by the rain and at the end of Saturday his scope reticle went away - gone, history. Conner was a real trooper and plodded on. We saw some vast improvement in his skills as he was shooting in the 190's Sunday. A little dry practice and that patch will be his.

Then Miss Vicky had set a goal of shooting Sharpshooter this time, with a 176 (and a monster stage 4 score of 92) she made her goal - irons no less. Very well done young lady.

Movses and Chris both need a few equipment tweaks to really get the proper fit and they too will have their patch.

Frankie stepped up to join us as an orange hat  ^:)^ I look forward to many events with you and your girls as Blue hats.

Thanks to all who made this happen. Look forward to 2018 in Custer, WA.

Here are some pictures I took: