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Hot off the press
« on: September 03, 2017, 09:25:28 AM »
After the heat and distraction of the summer, the fall Appleseed season is getting underway in Georgia and I felt a general announcement was long overdue. Yes, the rumor is true, after a sabbatical, I am continuing as Georgia SC. I attended some awesome Appleseed training events this summer and hope to share the incredible training I received.

To simplify the scheduling process for 2018, I suggest we adopt the method practiced in adjoining states. That is, if you want to schedule an Appleseed event, be willing and expect to act as Shoot Boss for that event. Probably it would be prudent not to schedule an event on the same weekend as another Appleseed event (or Mother's Day, or opening day of deer season or first weekend of regular football season!). As before, I will make every attempt to help instruct as many of these events as possible, as well as certain events in adjoining states.

We plan to have a full schedule of opportunities to hone one's skill at both shooting and teaching. There is an RBC planned for Tallahassee for January 2018, an IBC scheduled for Alabama for January 2018, and an instructors' KD planned for sometime in 2018. Plus the regular Appleseed events which will be scheduled by you, given the condition mentioned above. Ross has reassured us that he intends to continue as Promotions Director, which takes some of the burden off volunteering as Shoot Boss. And for those so inclined, I will be more than happy to act as Shoot Boss trainer, as well as acting as Shoot Boss personally at the venue I plan to adopt for 2018, Martin, Georgia (Red Hill Range).

Lastly, we seem to be a little short of instructors for several events upcoming in the near future, and help with these would be most welcome and deeply appreciated. These include Martin, Georgia Sept. 16-17, Macon Oct. 14-15, and Summerville Nov. 4-5. I know it is common to show up on the morning of the event and offer to help, but signing up on the TIPS page alleviates some anxiety on the part of the Shoot Boss and other instructors and offers the expectation of seeing dear friends and colleagues in the near future.

I will be calling sometime in the next few weeks to catch up and to count heads for the upcoming months. For those who prefer to take a sabbatical, I can well understand, and hope that your interest and enthusiasm will return. For those others, blessings and deepest thanks and appreciation.


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Re: Hot off the press
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   Think about that as you go to work the next Appleseed!

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