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Free yourself from the tyranny of perfectly groomed ranges and paper targets.  @&)
This course purposely avoids distances based on perfect 100 yard intervals on boring city ranges.  Get real-time shot feedback from steel, not televised electronic target monitors.

Targets are placed at uneven intervals requiring you to intimately know your rifles intermediate come ups. This is a practical course for any rifleman who has attended at least one of our regular 2 day Appleseeds.

Come to our Unknown Distance Camp located on 33,000 acres of wilderness.
Most of the course is held on special ranges not open to the public and have been set up by Bluefeather and I for the specific purpose of this UD course
;) :snipersmi

Here you will put to use the 4 duties of a rifleman we talk about in our standard two day class.
These are, Target Detection, Range Estimation, Wind and finally taking the ranges up to 1125 yards.
Other topics include trajectory, come ups, angled shooting, coriolis effect and spin drift.
We discuss near zero and far zero in relation to “battle sight zero”.
Learn to use your mil-dot scope as a ballistic aiming device. Most any scope reticle will work

This course works best with scoped rifles but has been run by many using service type rifles. Round count will be about 250.
Bring a pencil and a notebook to make a range book for your rifle and load. Bring the usual shooting items you need. You will need binoculars and a rangefinder will be handy. Bring a shooting mat and small pack. Bipods ok.
We shoot prone the entire event.

We do not cancel any events because of the weather, unless it becomes a safety issue.

Sign up early, we would like to have another strong instructor turnout again. Range fee is $25/day.


AR here: Note link actually has another UD AAR in one with link on first post.

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