Author Topic: GA Instructor KD 15-16 July 2017 at Talladega CMP  (Read 92 times)

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GA Instructor KD 15-16 July 2017 at Talladega CMP
« on: April 08, 2017, 10:40:00 AM »
A KD clinic is scheduled for Georgia instructors at Talladega CMP on 15-16 July. This is a world class KD range with electronic target monitors (no need to go down range!) and a wide covered firing  line.  By all reports, it's a must-visit for the discerning rifleman. This will be a great time of shooting and camaraderie.

You can sign up here:

EIP with range info is here:

After instruction,  we'll have at least 4 AQT's and a little target detection and range estimation practice. It will be a relaxed pace and a great time of fellowship and shooting fun.

Saturday shoot will run from 0800 to 1700. Sunday will run from 0900 to 1500. The range fees cover full use of the park, which closes at 1900.  You are welcome to do some fun shooting with pistols or shotguns after formal  instruction ends. 

There is no camping on site but Talladega Creekside campground is only 3 miles from the range. It's a nice campground with air conditioned cabins. You can make reservations by text message (256-362-9053); no deposit and you pay on arrival. Coordinate among yourselves for reservation and cabin sharing. Cabins are listed here:

See you there!